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            The Contemporary Metal Art Biennial Metalophone 6 "Memory of a place", Museum of Aplied Arts and Design,                Vilnius, Lithuania                 

            Group exhibition "Dream machne", New York, United states

            Group exhbition "Just in my head", Graz, Austria

            Auction "Dead Darlings", Berlin, Germany

            Group exhibition "Holownia", Legnica, Poland

            Group exhibition "Ne/Užsimerkę" Ramybe gallery, Palanga, Lithuania


2021.  INTERNSHIP in Studio Jiro Kamata, Munich, Germany.

           “Beijing International Art jewelry exhibition” , Beijing, China.

           Group exhibition „Conversations about the point“, Ramybė gallery, Palanga, Lithuania

           Group exhibition  „30. Inspired by freedom“ Uzutrakis Manor, Trakai, Lithuania.

2020.  Solo exhibition "INTRO" , ARgenTum gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

             Group exhibition "Symbiosis" , Ramybe gallery, Palanga, Lithuania.

2019. "Talente" competition. Munich, Germany

           Awarded in international Baltic jewellery show „Amber Trip”, „Random Rapid Hearthbeats". Vilnius, Lithuania  

           Amberif, "Random Rapid Hearthbeats", Gdansk, Poland


2018.  International Baltic jewellery show „Amber Trip”, „Nothing to declare“. Vilnius, Lithuania

           Amberif, „Nothing to declare“  Poland

           ARgenTum gallery, „Nothing to declare“. Vilnius, Lithuania

           Silver festivalLegnica, „Nothing to declare“ Poland

           Jubinale, „Nothing to declare“ Poland

           Jafair, „Nothing to declare“  Estonia

           Amber Forum, „Nothing to declare“  Kaliningrad

           Jantar Baltiki „Nothing to declare“ Kaliningrad


2017. „Holownia”, Legnica jewelry festival, Poland

2016. „Emotions” exhibition of interdisciplinary art project in K. Praniauskaitė public Library, Telsiai, Lithuania

           “Young Jewelry” gallery “Kauno vartai” ,Kaunas, Lithuania

           "Stop - Sea", Palanga Amber Museum, Palanga, Lithuania

           “MY HOME” Magan Gallery, London

           „CIVILIZATION”, Innternational MEDALLIC PROJECT, Poland​

2015.  „Silver schools: Lithuania”, Legnica (Poland)  jewelry festival, „SILVER” exhibition

            „Holownia”, Legnica jewelry festival, Poland

            XII International Baltic jewellery show „Amber Trip” „Dialogue of opposites", Vilnius, Lithuania

          „After reviews” Argentum gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania


2013-2017. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Metal art and Jewelry

                   Various artistic and goldsmithing practises in Lituania.

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