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“This is an expression that allows to understand yourself and others.“

  For an artist jewelry is an art expression, for a person this is a friendship with your true self. It is not about material value - it is much more than that. It is like a bridge that unites people who go the same direction. I want every jewel to “talk”, to convey a message on their own, that the watcher would feel the creation with their minds and hearts, no words, only a feeling the person is experiencing.

“I am an introvert. My language — my deeds.“

  I outline the feeling and the present time. There is no past, no future. In my art I do not generally plan, I trust the moment and when caught by surprise then the expression merges forms, textures and colors into one. In my art there is no place for expectations - fantasy covers it all. There is no plan, here lives only the inner pulses that give different meanings and that could be understood only after putting in great work into the creation, in the end holding a piece of art in my hand.

“I want jewels to speak. I am putting all my inner energy and power into the creation, then I see what happens. This is my secret language with the world and people.“

  My works of art — being a free person, life couches and my loyal partners. The art work that you allow yourself to get close to and merge with you. We are only people, unable to quickly grasp in which direction our eyes are looking.

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